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1 the condition of being folded inward or sheathed [syn: introversion]
2 the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface; "the invagination of the blastula" [syn: introversion, intussusception, infolding]

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  1. The process where an anatomical part invaginates upon itself or into another structure.
  2. One of the methods by which the various germinal layers of the ovum are differentiated.

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Invagination means to fold inward or to sheath. In biology, this can refer to a number of processes.
  • Invagination is the morphogenetic processes by which an embryo takes form, and is the initial step of gastrulation, the massive reorganization of the embryo from a simple spherical ball of cells, the blastula, into a multi-layered organism, with differentiated germ layers: endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. More localized invaginations also occur later in embryonic development, to form coelom, etc.
  • The inner membrane of a mitochondrion invaginates to form cristae, thus providing a much greater surface area to accommodate the protein complexes and other participants that produce ATP.
  • Invagination occurs during endocytosis and exocytosis when a vesicle forms within the cell and the membrane closes around it.
In the humanities:
  • Used to explain a special kind of meta narrative. Used by Rosalyn Krauss and Jacques Derrida (The Law of Genre,” Glyph 7 (1980).
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